#Import rule sets

Import a rule set of your choice directly to your Call Meter 3G simply by clicking the link on your device or scanning the barcode with a barcode scanner app (e.g. Barcode Scanner). You might need to edit your very own limit or cost settings after importing the rule set.

If you want your rule set shown here, you just need to export it to me from within the app.

#Table of rule sets

common all basic setup with limits
common all basic setup without limits
common all bill each sms/txt as 1min call
common all exclude WebSMS / Sipdroid
common all exclude WebSMS from messages
common all lowercase common English titles, data first
common all merge cost of calls and sms/tt with showing details for each plan
common all split outgoing calls
common all split outgoing calls into mobile/landline plans
common all split outgoing calls with limit
Algeria Mobilis 900 DA
Andorra Casa Todo
Argentina Claro Control $140
Argentina Claro Control 80
Argentina Claro Plan Multimedia $79
Argentina Claro claro 149 final
Argentina Loreto Black 199
Argentina Movistar A9 - Internet Smartphone + Beneficio Comunidad
Argentina Movistar Comunidad habla y navega
Argentina Movistar Control A6 99 pesos
Argentina Personal 320
Argentina Personal 500 minutos
Argentina Personal Black
Argentina Personal Black 199
Argentina Personal Black 360
Argentina Personal Todo Incluido 250
Argentina QUAM Combo mes
Argentina Todo Incluido 119 Personal Argentina
Argentina Todo Incluido Black 199
Argentina perr emp
Argentina personal 150
Argentina yo personal 99
Australia 3 9centtalk18 v1
Australia DODO $2 pay as you go
Australia LiveConnected $11.99
Australia Optus $60/month 600 mins free & unlimited sms
Australia TPG Super Value Medium
Australia TPG Super Value Plan Heavy
Australia Telechoice Global Starter
Australia Telstra $59 Freedom Connect with Handset
Australia Telstra Encore $30 Prepaid
Australia Telstra Encore $40
Australia Telstra Encore Plus 30 Prepaid $30
Australia Telstra Freedom+ $30
Australia Telstra Freedom $30 with Night Bonus
Australia Vaya Powerplan 18
Australia YOMOJO pay as you you - no packs
Australia yomojo pay as you go -prepaid-no pack
Austria 3 Hallo Europa M
Austria T-Mobile Biz Inclusive Unlimited
Bangladesh Teletalk Agami
Barbados digicel plan250
Belarus Life Super life
Belarus Velcom web2500
Belgium Base B-9
Belgium Numericable Mobile Extra
Bosnia and Herzegovina M:tel A
Brazil Algar Telecom Plano 20 centavos
Brazil Claro 100 minutos, 300 MB, MSG ilimitado e sem roaning.
Brazil Oi Colaborador
Brazil Oi Controle Avancado
Brazil Oi Família 800
Brazil TIM 100
Brazil TIM Liberty200 + Rêneo
Brazil TIM Liberty controle
Brazil Vivo Controle
Brazil Vivo Controle 35 + Sempre
Brazil Vivo Controle Ilimitado Completo
Brazil Vivo Você 45 Sms Livre
Brazil Vivo corporativo lab tamashiro ltda
Brazil Vivo smartphone Ilimitado 3G - 60 minutos
Brazil Vivo smatilim 4g PL200 sms+ddd-tit
Bulgaria Bob 2,90
Bulgaria Bob Minibob
Bulgaria Bob boombob+
Bulgaria Bob super
Bulgaria GLOBUL Web & Talk 20,99
Bulgaria GLOBUL Web and Talk 14,90
Bulgaria GLOBUL unlimited 19.90
Bulgaria Mtel Business Line 200min free and 512Mb unlimited internet
Bulgaria Mtel FIT-S
Bulgaria Mtel Loop 005
Bulgaria Mtel Surf and Talk L
Bulgaria Mtel Surf and Talk M
Bulgaria Mtel + VIVACOM Active S + Tunka tarifa
Bulgaria VIVACOM Net and Call Top
Bulgaria VIVACOM Unicall L + Data unlimited
Bulgaria VIVACOM Unicall M + BG50 + Trafic Unlimited M 750MB
Bulgaria VIVACOM Unicall S
Bulgaria VIVACOM Viva Free Talk Viva S + NET S
Bulgaria VIVACOM Виваком Free Call and Net S
Bulgaria VIVACOM megabiz
Bulgaria VIVACOM netenkol
Chile Claro PMM ULTRAPRO 300
Chile Entel 2 horarios
Chile Entel Cuenta controlada 15990
Chile Entel Multimedia 100
Chile Entel Multimedia 200
Chile Nextel favoritos
China China Union A126
Colombia COMCEL Mas 330 Mixto 2012, which includes 330 minutes within same operator for COP $44502, and 250MBytes + e-mail + social networks + chat for COP $32900
Colombia COMCEL Más 480 chat Mail redes 2012
Colombia Tigo Bakanos Datos Llamadas
Colombia Tigo Pospago
Colombia Tigo cuenta control
Costa Rica CLARO Superfun Superstar
Costa Rica ICE Kolbi 60
Costa Rica ICE Profesional 1
Costa Rica ICE Profesional 1 08-2013
Costa Rica ICE Profesional 2 18-06-14
Costa Rica ICE conectado 3
Costa Rica Kolbi Conectado 1
Costa Rica Kolbi Conectados 3
Costa Rica Kölbi ICE Conectados 2
Costa Rica Movistar S
Croatia T-Mobile EXTRA prica XS
Croatia T-Mobile Plan za obitelj L
Croatia T-Mobile Simpa Prejaka
Croatia Tele2 Revolucija 75
Croatia Tele2 Tarifa 75 + opcija uređaj
Croatia Tele2 mix tarifa 50
Croatia Tomato Brutalna tarifa
Croatia Tomato Zestoka tarifa
Croatia Vipnet Bez granica L+ sa besp. VIP+uspostava poziva
Croatia Vipnet Bez limita 222 bespl.pozivi Tele2
Croatia Vipnet HR 250 (- 50%)
Croatia Vipnet Savršena Nova
Croatia Vipnet Sve za mene 150
Croatia Vipnet Sve za mene 150 (-50%)
Croatia Vipnet Sve za mene 150 ispravak cijena MMS-a
Croatia Vipnet Vip Bez limita 100
Croatia Vipnet Zakon Tarifa 50
Cyprus MTN 600
Cyprus MTN Pay monthly 600
Cyprus MTN Smart L
Cyprus MTN Smart M
Cyprus Primetel Unlimited 3
Czech Republic +4U tarif 1
Czech Republic +4U tarif 2
Czech Republic Bleskmobil Předplacená karta
Czech Republic Bonerix (o2 VPN) Mini+100min+spolu+data
Czech Republic GoMobil 50min + 150mb
Czech Republic GoMobil Na Míru
Czech Republic internet zdarma
Czech Republic O2 Family
Czech Republic O2 Family SUAS
Czech Republic SIPhone Tarif3+Internet2
Czech Republic T-Mobile 130minfree
Czech Republic T-Mobile FPS profi 2
Czech Republic T-Mobile Podnikatel 700 50% Off
Czech Republic T-Mobile Profi Na Miru 2
Czech Republic T-Mobile ČR Tarif T30 zvýhodněný
Czech Republic T-Mobile S nami 590 HIT
Czech Republic T-Mobile S námi 590 Hit + 50% sleva na paušál + zdarma volání v síti (3 měsíce) + sms zdarma v síti 19-07.
Czech Republic T-Mobile T30HIT + Internet klasik
Czech Republic T-Mobile Twist Pratele (Mych 5)
Czech Republic T-Mobile VZS na míru 1
Czech Republic T-Mobile profi na míru 1
Czech Republic T-Mobile tarif S NAMI 790 HIT
Czech Republic VPN o2 Bonerix - Volejte levněji Mini
Czech Republic Vodafone Inkarta
Czech Republic Vodafone NsP v Semilech OneNet
Czech Republic Vodafone Odepiš- updated
Czech Republic Vodafone Odepiš
Czech Republic Vodafone Tarif za korunu
Czech Republic Vodafone VPN OneNet (premium+)
Czech Republic Vodafone Zebr
Czech Republic o2 FREE + 200 MB Internet + 100 Kč sleva za Optimal+
Czech Republic o2 Free EU plus
Czech Republic o2 Free Plus
Czech Republic o2 NEON S (Free weekend calls to )
Czech Republic o2 Neon l+
Czech Republic o2 Vario profil Voice
Czech Republic o2 Vario profil 1
Czech Republic o2 Zero + SIP Odorik
Czech Republic o2 [:kůl:]
Czech Republic o2 neon S senior
Czech Republic čez basic
Denmark 3 Basis Mini
Denmark Oister 3 timer
Egypt Etisalat Minimix
Egypt Etisalat My Line
Egypt Mobinil Star Max
Egypt Vodafone Control Flex 40
Egypt Vodafone EASY FLEX WEEKLY 10L.E.
Egypt Vodafone Easy Flex Weekly 10 L.E.
Egypt Vodafone El sanawy
Egypt Vodafone Flex 90
Egypt Vodafone Open 99 Calls
Egypt Vodafone Red plus 300
Egypt Vodafone control flex
España Jazztel Jazzcard móvil
Ethiopian Jijga my plan is a f go usa ilike
France B and YOU prépayé
France Free Forfait 2€
France free mobile 2€ maj
Germany 1und1 All-Net & Surf Giga 200 Einheiten
Germany 1und1 All-Net-100 + SMS
Germany 1und1 All Net 100
Germany 1und1 Allnet 100 +SMS
Germany 1und1 Allnet Flat Basic
Germany 1und1 Flatrate inkl. SMS Flatrate
Germany 1und1 all Flatrate
Germany 1und1 All-Net Surf LTE 2 GB (E-Netz)
Germany 1und1 All-Net & Surf 1.500
Germany 1und1 All-Net & Surf 2.500
Germany 1und1 All-Net & Surf Giga 300 Einheiten
Germany 1und1 All-Net & Surf Giga Plus 300 Einheiten
Germany 1und1 All-Net & Surf Special 1 GB
Germany 1und1 AllNet-Flex 500
Germany 1und1 AllNet500
Germany 1und1 AllNet START (100Min 100SMS 2GB)
Germany 1und1 Allnet 400
Germany ALDI Talk300
Germany Aldi Talk 300
Germany AldiTalk Paket 600, Variante 2
Germany AldiTalk 300
Germany AldiTalk Paket 300
Germany AldiTalk Paket 600
Germany AldiTalk 300 Version 2 300 Minuten + community + 400mb InternetFlat
Germany BASE Base pur - incl. roaming u. hotline
Germany BASE Mein Festnetz Allnet100 Internet 50
Germany BASE flat, Allnet 50 und Datenpacket M
Germany BASE flat + Internetflat
Germany BASE internetflat allnet50
Germany BASE pur
Germany BILDmobil Alles Drin-Option
Germany BILDmobile Alles Drin-Option 300
Germany Einheitstarif mit SmartOption
Germany Callmobile Smart 200
Germany Congstar 100
Germany Congstar 9ct prepaid mit 200MB Daten
Germany Congstar Allnet Flat S
Germany Congstar Combiflat mit zugebuchter Internetflat
Germany Congstar Prepaid Wie ich will 100 Min. + Surf-Flat 600
Germany Congstar Prepaid + Surf Flat Option 500
Germany Congstar Prepaid und surf flat 500
Germany Congstar Smart Flex (2015)
Germany Congstar Smart L
Germany Congstar Smart M
Germany Congstar Smart S
Germany Congstar Smart mit Datenturbo (2015)
Germany Congstar Standard
Germany Congstar Surf flat 500 + voice option 100
Germany Congstar prepaid standard 2013 - 9ct
Germany DeutschlandSIM 100
Germany DeutschlandSIM 100 Min und SMS + 500MB Flat
Germany DeutschlandSIM 100min, 100 sms, 1000MB
Germany DeutschlandSIM ALL-IN 10 (1.95)
Germany DeutschlandSIM All-In 100
Germany DeutschlandSIM All-In 50. 4,95
Germany DeutschlandSIM All-In 50
Germany DeutschlandSIM All-In 50 7,95€
Germany DeutschlandSIM AllNet 100 (100 min, 100 SMS, 500MB)
Germany DeutschlandSIM D2 flat. 100 sms frei und 200 MB Internet
Germany DeutschlandSIM Smart 100 (100 Min, 100 SMS, 300 MB)
Germany DeutschlandSIM Smart 250
Germany DeutschlandSIM o2 Computerbild Aktion 50Minuten 50SMS und 200MB jede weitere 9Cent
Germany DeutschlandSIM smart 1000 mb 250min 250SMS Beta
Germany Deutschlandsim LTE 750 (ohne Datenautomatik)
Germany DiscoPlus All in 10
Germany DiscoPlus Smart100 - Vodafone
Germany DiscoPlus All-Net-10 (kombiniert mit Anrufen über FritzApp)
Germany Discotel all in 10
Germany Discotel plus 1 GB
Germany EDEKA mobil Smart-Mobil 300
Germany Edeka mobil Smart 300
Germany Eteleon Smart100
Germany GMX mobil (1&1) All-Net & Surf 2GB
Germany GMX mobil (1&1) All-Net & Surf Flex 200/2000MB
Germany Ja-mobil smart
Germany K Classic SURF & TALK 100
Germany K Classic Surf & Talk 300
Germany K Classic Surf & Talk 500
Germany Kauflandtarif, Telefonica, o2 500 Mb Internet, 400 min. in alle Netze, danach 9cent/min
Germany Klarmobil AllNetStarter
Germany Klarmobil Allnet Starter mit 400 MB
Germany Lidl Connect Smart S - 300/1500
Germany Lidl Connect XS 100 /500
Germany Lidl Mobile Monats Flatrate 5GB
Germany Lidl Mobile SMART XS
Germany Lidl Mobile Smart S 300
Germany Lidl Mobile Smart S 500
Germany Lidl Mobile Smart Tarif
Germany Lidl Mobile Smart Tarif exkl. Roaming
Germany Lidl Mobile Smart (alt)
Germany MTVmobile Eplus Flat + Allnet Flat 50
Germany Maxxim All-in 500 plus
Germany Maxxim All in XS smart (6,95€/Monat)
Germany Maxxim LTE Mini Plus 2000
Germany McSIM McFLEX
Germany Mobilkom Debitel flat 4 you
Germany MyMTV Mobile Standard
Germany Netzclub 30 min/SMS/MB
Germany Netzclub AllNet Clever
Germany Netzclub Fan-Tarif 100/100/1GB
Germany Netzclub sponsored combi
Germany O2 Smart Surf 50 min/SMS 1GB
Germany O2 loop + All-In 5 GB
Germany Ortel CROSS
Germany Ortel Smart 180
Germany Penny mobil Prebaid Smart ab 29.3.2018
Germany Penny mobil Smart ab 13.7.2017
Germany Premiumsim Smart 500
Germany Simply All-in XS
Germany Simply All in M
Germany Simply LTE Mini Plus
Germany Simyo ALL-ON XL
Germany Simyo All-In-L 3GB
Germany Simyo All-ON L
Germany Simyo Paket 100
Germany Simyo Smartphone Paket 200
Germany Simyo Standard
Germany All-in XL
Germany 100min 100sms 200mb
Germany 50
Germany All-in 100
Germany All-in 100, 500MB
Germany All-in 200
Germany All-in 100, 300MB
Germany T-Mobile Call & Surf XS
Germany T-Mobile Call & Surf Friends S
Germany T-Mobile Combi Relax 60
Germany T-Mobile Complete M Festnetz Flat
Germany T-Mobile Complete M Flat
Germany T-Mobile Complete Mobil L
Germany T-Mobile Complete Mobile S
Germany T-Mobile Magenta Mobil L ab Juli 16
Germany T-Mobile Magenta S ab Juli 16
Germany Talkline 100 Minuten 200 MB 3000 SMS
Germany Telekom Mobil Start L
Germany Telekom Prepaid M (ab 1.8.2018)
Germany Telekom Xctra 9 Cent
Germany Turkcell EU SMARTPLUS
Germany Vodafone Basic 100 inkl. Basic Phone
Germany Vodafone Callya Smartphone Special
Germany Vodafone Callya Smartphone Special 200 Einheiten 750 MB
Germany Vodafone Callya smartphone fun L
Germany Vodafone RED M - Student
Germany Vodafone Smartphone Fun
Germany Vodafone SuperFlat Internet Student mit Handy
Germany Vodafone prepaid
Germany WinSIM 1000 250min 250sms 500mb 7.95€/monat (von Amazon)
Germany WinSIM LTE Mini Plus 2000
Germany WinSIM Smart 1000 / 250 Min u. SMS inkl. 1 GB Daten 12.95€
Germany WinSim LTE Mini SMS 3GB
Germany WinSim LTE all 1gb
Germany Winsim + Nettokom 50 /1GB + 9cent
Germany all Festnetz Flatrate
Germany all Numbergroups for German providers
Germany Alles-drin-Option
Germany callmobile CleverSmart 500 (bis 28.02.17)
Germany callmobile cleverSMART 400
Germany congstar Prepaid wie ich will / 300min
Germany debitel 100
Germany fonic Smart
Germany fonic Smart S
Germany fonic Classic with internet flatrate
Germany fonic Internet Flat
Germany fonic Smart
Germany fonic Smart mit Anzeige gesamt genutzte Einheiten
Germany helloMobil All-in M
Germany helloMobil All-in XL plus
Germany maXXim All XM smart (7,95€ Grundgebühr, 100 Freiminuten, 100 Frei-SMS, 300 MB Surf-Volumen)
Germany maXXim MaxxFree 200 smart
Germany maXXim All in XM
Germany mobilcom-debitel Flat Smart Plus
Germany o2 All in Flat Smart 200
Germany o2 100min frei, 100sms frei, 300mb frei, 18-22uhr frei nach festnetz/
Germany o2 Active 50 and Internet-Pack-M
Germany o2 Blue 100 mit Auslandstarifen (im A und ins A)
Germany o2 Blue 100 und 0,29 € nach Limit, 50 Web-SMS Limit, SMS 0,19 € sofort (weil monatliche Kündigung), SIP ausgeschlossen, 300 MB Flat.
Germany o2 Blue S
Germany o2 Blue Select 100
Germany o2 Bue 100; Internet-M 300MB; 50 WebSMS frei; VOIP Anrufe ausgeschlossen
Germany o2 Inklusivpaket100 and Internet-Pack-M
Germany o2 and Internetpack-M
Germany o2 blue 100
Germany o2 blue 100, sms-flat, internetpack M+
Germany o2 blue 250
Germany o2 blue xs online
Germany o2 on Business with websms
Germany otelo Allnet-Flat Classic
Germany otelo smartphone 300
Greece Vodafone 400 to all
Greece Vodafone 400 to all
Greece Vodafone RED 1
Greece Vodafone Unlimited 35
Greece Vodafone Unlimited 45Π
Greece Vodafone to all 200 (25Euro) + 70 sms (5E)
Greece Wind 280 with landlines
Greece Wind Business to all 300 + SMS 70
Greece Wind W
Greece Wind XS
Greece Wind kartosymvolaio 35
Greece Wind to all 30
Greece Wind to all 40
Greece Wind to all 50
Greece cosmote 120 100mb
Greece cosmote MyWay30
Greece cosmote aperiorista 25 Greece
Greece cosmote unlimited 45
Guam Docomo 500 Min + SMS + DATA
Guatemala Tigo 1000 minutos 100 mensajes y 10 Gb de descarga fecha de corte cada 16
Hungary Bosch flotta BS felfedező
Hungary Dual SIM: telecom, telenor 1/1
Hungary Munka X
Hungary NetfoneTelecom dual sim 2xM150
Hungary T-Mobile ECO XS
Hungary T-Mobile Flotta (Fúzió Holding)
Hungary T-Mobile Flotta (Fúzió Holding)
Hungary T-Mobile Fun
Hungary T-Mobile Like
Hungary T-Mobile Like 300
Hungary T-Mobile MediaMania XS
Hungary T-Mobile Monthly fee (can be used 100% for traffic within the network, for calls originated to subscribers to other domestic mobile and fixed networks and for sending SMS messages into the direction of mobile networks subsriber's and for voice mail polling domestically): 5250HUF
Hungary T-Mobile Move M+1GB /Pi
Hungary T-Mobile Move M /Pi
Hungary T-Mobile Move XS
Hungary T-Mobile Mozaik L
Hungary T-Mobile Mozaik M
Hungary T-Mobile Mozaik M - 2013.11.01-tol
Hungary T-Mobile Mozaik S-R
Hungary T-Mobile Mozaik S
Hungary T-Mobile Mozaik S + 1GB / Pi.
Hungary T-Mobile Mozaik XS
Hungary T-Mobile Next S 2 év Aranytárskártya
Hungary T-Mobile Next S 2év + 1GB Net
Hungary T-Mobile Partner3 díjcsomag
Hungary T-Mobile TEVA flotta
Hungary T-Mobile hello holnap! hang & adat
Hungary T-Mobile kormanyzati
Hungary T-Mobile like
Hungary T-Mobile media mania s
Hungary T-Mobile éncégem
Hungary T-Mobile és Vodafone (dual sim) HM EI ingyenes tarifa és Vodafone LIGA Tarifa
Hungary Telekom FUN 06.01
Hungary Telekom FUN uj
Hungary Telekom Ikon LTE 200
Hungary Telekom MOVE XS
Hungary Telekom Mediamania S (új)
Hungary Telekom Mobil M +400Mb adat
Hungary Telekom Mobil S
Hungary Telekom Mozaik S
Hungary Telenor 2
Hungary Telenor BB Flotta
Hungary Telenor DPI
Hungary Telenor DPI Alap
Hungary Telenor Djuice Extra
Hungary Telenor Djuice Szamlas20, 2012 szept 1.
Hungary Telenor OK90
Hungary Telenor Okostarifa 180
Hungary Telenor Okostarifa 180 - without roaming and international calls billing
Hungary Telenor Okostarifa 360
Hungary Telenor Okostarifa 90
Hungary Telenor Praktikum+Vezetékes hívó+Online100MB
Hungary Telenor Praktikum + Mobil Online 50 MB
Hungary Telenor Redbull Allin
Hungary Telenor SmartTarifa 2 Extra
Hungary Telenor Smarttarifa 1
Hungary Telenor Smarttarifa 2
Hungary Telenor Smarttarifa 3
Hungary Telenor Smarttarifa 4
Hungary Telenor Smarttarifa Extra1
Hungary Telenor Smarttarifa Extra 1(vezetékes hívóval,ingyenes hívással a kapcsolási díj miatt)2013.05.31. A számlázás kezdetét be kell állítani.
Hungary Telenor Tesco
Hungary Telenor alaptarifa 2 / 100 MB
Hungary Telenor klasszik2
Hungary Telenor Áll-In M
Hungary Telenor menedzser 4000
Hungary Telenor menedzser 4000 norbi
Hungary Telenor smarttarifa 4
Hungary Telenor telenor okostarifa600
Hungary Telenor Üzleti All in one M
Hungary UPC Freedom M
Hungary Upc Mobil S
Hungary Vodafone Debreceni Egyetem Hallgatói
Hungary Vodafone Economy System
Hungary Vodafone Fix 8000 v1
Hungary Vodafone GO
Hungary Vodafone GO+ flottás
Hungary Vodafone Go+
Hungary Vodafone Go+ FULL
Hungary Vodafone HTFSZ 3 -alap-
Hungary Vodafone Kredit
Hungary Vodafone Matrix 1
Hungary Vodafone Mátrix 2
Hungary Vodafone VitaMAX Party
Hungary Vodafone VitamaxCity
Hungary Vodafone Vitamax City
Hungary Vodafone Vitamax Joker
Hungary Vodafone Vállalkozói Fix 16200 Plusz
Hungary Vodafone bkv
Hungary Vodafone go+ javitott
Hungary Vodafone Általános Közszolgálati Flotta Plusz + 500 perc vodafon
Hungary Vodafone mix20
Hungary Vodafone mix 20 60/60
Hungary Vodafone mátrix 3
Hungary blue mobile blue easy + blue net plusz
Hungary telefon flotta oli
Hungary upc 0
India Airtel 174 Paise per sec
India Airtel 299
India Airtel 999-solitaire
India Airtel CUG 99
India Airtel CUG Alive 375
India Airtel Hero GJ 399
India Airtel MH Power 299
India Airtel Missile 149 CUG
India Airtel My Plan 599
India Airtel My plan 299
India Airtel New aes 248 plan -kk
India Airtel TN CUG 199 POWER
India Airtel make my pack 399
India Airtel nws 199
India Airtel - Kerala C38 CUG 125 (with service tax)
India BSNL Bsnl income tax plan
India BSNL Income Tax
India Idea Guj emerald 399
India Idea I Plan 299
India Idea MH Happy 249 2G
India Idea No Bill Shock - 399
India Idea No Bill Shock 399
India RCOM 350 freedom
India Reliance 249 Postpaid
India Reliance 599 Roaming
India Reliance RG199TNSPL
India Reliance SPCOMBO321_1GB_3GB(Postpaid Rs321 Plan)
India Reliance SimplePPM249_250MB
India Tata docomo Dual benefit 199 CUG
India Vodafone 199 600mnt
India Vodafone 225 youth
India Vodafone 99 bumper plan
India Vodafone CUG 299
India Vodafone Consumer SME 199 CUG
India Vodafone E-Serve talk 349-1 + 300mb 3g data pack
India Vodafone Vod299-Cug-3G750-2GUnlim
India Vodafone data plan india
India airtel 225
India airtel nws corporate 199
India airtel p 32 cug 149 plan
India idea 199
India idea Idea Housefull Unlimited 3G Plan
India idea call rate
India idea unlimited
India realiance gsm special 199
Ireland Lycamobile 150 min Bundle
Israel 012 Mobile 9.08 Basic
Israel golan telecom 9.99
Italy 3 ALL IN Medium promo estate
Italy 3 All-In Medium
Italy 3 All-In Medium_new
Italy 3 All-in 400 per te
Italy 3 All-in Big
Italy 3 All-in medium
Italy 3 AllIn Small
Italy 3 All In Small 2014
Italy 3 TOP 000 H3G (experimental) by
Italy 3 TOP 800 + SuperInternet New
Italy 3 Top400
Italy 3 Top800 and SupeInternet
Italy 3 Top 800
Italy 3 all-in 200
Italy 3 all in large + super Internet
Italy 3 power 10 opzione black
Italy 3 super 2007 ok
Italy Bip Mobile 1cent + opzione MegaBip 1000
Italy Bip Mobile Megabip 500 & Super 5
Italy Bip Mobile Super 5 Ricaricabile
Italy Bip Mobile Super 5 Ricaricabile + Opzione MBIP 500
Italy Bip Mobile megabit internet
Italy Coop Voce Offerta Smartphone + CoopVoce ( Web 5Giga )
Italy Fastweb Mobile 500
Italy H3G All-in Special 400 (400min/400sms/4Gb=1,25€xsett)
Italy Nòverca Steel Pack
Italy Poste Zero Pensieri ExtraSmall
Italy Poste mobile small
Italy TIM 12 New
Italy TIM Tutto a secondi full MNP 2012
Italy TIM business
Italy TIM super tim special 2gb
Italy Tre 3 Power Pro 800
Italy Tre (h3g) Top 400 2013
Italy Vodafone Relax Completo
Italy Vodafone Special
Italy Vodafone Special1000
Italy Vodafone Special 1000
Italy WIND All Inclusive Digital
Italy WIND All Inclusive Ricaricabile con piano Wind 9 limited edition
Italy WIND Alla Inclusive Big
Italy WIND Alla Inclusive Super
Italy WIND Gold
Italy WIND all inclusive
Italy WIND all inclusive special edition
Italy WIND super noi tutti x2 + internet no stop
Jordan Zain Mesh Tabee3ee El Gawee 2 (1 GB)
Jordan Zain Mesh Tabi3i El Gawi 2 (1 GB)
Kenya Safaricom Bonga
Lietuva Tele2 300
Lithuania Tele2 studentas 5
Macedonia One Total M Promo
Malaysia Celcom FIRST Basic 38
Malaysia Maxis SurfMore 50
Malaysia Maxis SurfMore 75
Malaysia Maxis Talkmore
Malaysia Maxis Value Plus
Malaysia U Mobile i40
Malaysia Umobile UMI 28 (Prepaid Plan)
Mexico Iusacell Chavoz
Mexico Iusacell Iusapack Tekno
Mexico Iusacell Libertad
Mexico Iusacell Libertad 399
Mexico Iusacell Libertad Total 199
Mexico Iusacell Plan Libertad 199
Mexico Iusacell PrePlan 199
Mexico Iusacell VP2
Mexico Movistar Full
Mexico Movistar Ilimitado
Mexico Movistar Plus 200
Mexico Movistar Select 400
Mexico Movistar Select 600
Mexico Movistar movistar mexico siempre conectados C
Mexico Nextel Control Con Todo Evolution 400
Mexico Nextel Top100 LEG
Mexico Nextel Choice abierto + Leg
Mexico Nextel Conexion 200 LEG
Mexico Nextel Control top 100 3G promo
Mexico Nextel Plan Prip 600
Mexico Nextel Plan Prip 600 LEG
Mexico Nextel Prip 600
Mexico Telcel 1000
Mexico Telcel 1000 Plus
Mexico Telcel 300
Mexico Telcel 300 México
Mexico Telcel 300 dobles 246+200
Mexico Telcel 300 old
Mexico Telcel 300 plus
Mexico Telcel 375 plus
Mexico Telcel 500
Mexico Telcel 500 plus
Mexico Telcel 700
Mexico Telcel MXM INT 3GB NAC 34
Mexico Telcel MxM 3
Mexico Telcel MxM 3 Todo destino 3G
Mexico Telcel Preparó
Mexico Telcel TEL MAX SL CC 3000 L
Mexico Telcel Todo Destino 3gb
Mexico Telcel nacional 3
Mexico Telcel plan 200 triple
Mexico Telcel plus 300
Mexico Telcel t300
Mexico jalisco plus 40 telcel
Moldova Orange Colibri 100
Nederland Ben 200 min / 2000 mb
Netherlands Ben regelmatig + www soms
Netherlands Ben NL ben zuinig
Netherlands Choozze Zero
Netherlands Hollandsnieuwe 550
Netherlands Simpel 125 min 2 Gb 1000 sms
Netherlands Simyo 100 Min/SMS + 500 MB
Netherlands Simyo 200 min/sms + 500mb
Netherlands Symio Abb. 300min / SMS + 1Gb data
Netherlands T-Mobile 90 belminuten, 250 MB internet, onbeperkt SMS
Netherlands T-Mobile Stel Samen SimOnly (90 min + 250MB) (plus buitenland)
Netherlands T-Mobile Stel Samen & Stel Bij - 120 min. NL/EU + 3GB data
Netherlands TELE2 100 min/sms + 200 MB
Netherlands Tele2 100 min/sms + 500MB
Netherlands Tele2 150 Min - 100 Mb
Netherlands Tele2 200 min/sms + 200MB
Netherlands Tele2 SimOnly 150 + Internet 1000MB
Netherlands Tele2 SimOnly 150 + Internet 500Mb
Netherlands Tele2 SmartMix 300 + X-Large 1.5GB
Netherlands Tele2 SmartMix 300 + X -Large 1.5GB
Netherlands Telfort 150 min / 100 SMS / 500Mb
Netherlands Telfort Sim-only 300min / 100sms
Netherlands Vodafone 275
Netherlands Ziggo veel
Netherlands tele2 100min+sms 60/60
Norway Hello 250
Norway Hello Smil
Norway Tele2 Champion med Mobilsurf mini
Norway Tele2 Fastpris Medium & Mobilsurf Large
Norway Xito Medium + 500 mb data
Norway Xito medium 300
Peru Claro Total Smart i69
Peru Movistar navegs 99
Philippines Globe Unli Data plus 800 Consumable
Philippines Globe Unli internet 999 + Unli call and text 599
Philippines Smart 1200
Philippines Smart Plan 1000 Consumable
Philippines Smart Plan 1000 Consumable v2
Philippines Sun Cellular 600
Philippines globe 1799
Poland ERA 240 min.+250MB
Poland ERA Na karte bez limitu
Poland Era JUMP250MB
Poland MarekM 2xSim przyklad
Poland ORANGE Free Net na Karte /Tablet/
Poland Orange Delfin 49.90 dodatkowe minuty i sms
Poland Orange Free Na Kartę PrePaid
Poland Orange Free Net 1GB 29,90
Poland Orange Pantera 120
Poland Orange Pantera II 300 z pakietem danych 1524 MB
Poland Orange Smart Multi Plan 69.90 v2 re-new
Poland Orange Smart Plan LTE 69,99
Poland Orange Smart Plan Multi 69,90 with numbers free
Poland Play Formuła 4.0 Unlimited tylko SIM - 55,98zł/mc - 0 gr/min, 0 gr/sms, 0 gr/MMS, pakiet danych: 2GB/mies (potem 0 zł/MB), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS miedzyn, 3 zl/MMS miedzyn
Poland Play Formuła S - 29 zł - 200 MIN - 512 MB
Poland Play Formuła mini max na kartę - do 29zł/mc rozmowy kom/stacj., do 9zł/mc SMS/MMS, do 5zł/mc internet (25 MB), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS międzyn., 3 zl/MMS międzyn.
Poland Play Formuła mini max na kartę - do 29zł/mc rozmowy kom/stacj., do 9zł/mc SMS/MMS, pakiet danych: 100MB/mies (5 zl/mc, potem 5 zł za 25 MB, potem 0 zł), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS międzyn., 3 zl/MMS międzyn.
Poland Play Formuła mini max na kartę - do 29zł/mc rozmowy kom/stacj., do 9zł/mc SMS/MMS, pakiet danych: 1,5GB/mies (20 zl/mc, potem 5 zł za 25 MB, potem 0 zł), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS międzyn., 3 zl/MMS międzyn.
Poland Play Formuła mini max na kartę - do 29zł/mc rozmowy kom/stacj., do 9zł/mc SMS/MMS, pakiet danych: 500MB/mies (9 zl/mc, potem 5 zł za 25 MB, potem 0 zł), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS międzyn., 3 zl/MMS międzyn.
Poland Play Formuła na kartę - pakiet 3w1
Poland Play Formuła na kartę - pakiet 4w1
Poland Play Formuła na kartę - pakiet SMS
Poland Play Formuła na kartę Unlimited
Poland Play Formuła play na kartę
Poland Play Formula L1000 - 89 zł - 1000 MIN/SMS/MMS - 2,5 GB
Poland Play Formula L - 49 zł - 800 MIN/SMS/MMS - 512 MB
Poland Play Formula M - 39 zł - 400 MIN/SMS/MMS, 512MB
Poland Play Fresh darmowe rozmowy i SMSy - bez pakietu danych
Poland Play Fresh darmowe rozmowy i SMSy - pakiet 100 MB/mies. (7 zł/mc)
Poland Play Fresh darmowe rozmowy i SMSy - pakiet 1 GB/mies. (25 zł/mc)
Poland Play Fresh darmowe rozmowy i SMSy - pakiet 200 MB/mies. (9 zł/mc)
Poland Play Fresh darmowe rozmowy i SMSy - pakiet 25 MB/mies. (3 zł/mc)
Poland Play Fresh darmowe rozmowy i SMSy - pakiet 500 MB/mies. (15 zł/mc)
Poland Play Longplay69
Poland Play na kartę - bez pakietu danych
Poland Play na kartę - pakiet 100 MB/mies. (7 zł/mc)
Poland Play na kartę - pakiet 1 GB/mies. (25 zł/mc)
Poland Play na kartę - pakiet 200 MB/mies. (9 zł/mc)
Poland Play na kartę - pakiet 25 MB/mies. (3 zł/mc)
Poland Play na kartę - pakiet 500 MB/mies. (15 zł/mc)
Poland Plus LTE 79,99 minus rabat 10 zł
Poland Plus plus 100zl
Poland Szablon Abonament 39zł/mc - 400 MIN/SMS/MMS, 19 gr/min, 20 gr/sms, 30 gr/MMS, pakiet danych: 512MB/mies, 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS miedzyn, 3 zl/MMS miedzyn
Poland Szablon Abonament 49zł/mc - 200 min. na kom. i stacj., 19 gr/min, 20 gr/sms, 30 gr/MMS, pakiet danych: 200MB/mies, 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS miedzyn, 3 zl/MMS miedzyn
Poland Szablon Abonament 54zł/mc - 200 min. na kom. i stacj., 100 SMS na kom., 19 gr/min, 20 gr/sms, 30 gr/MMS, pakiet danych: 200MB/mies, 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS miedzyn, 3 zl/MMS miedzyn
Poland Szablon Abonament 59zł/mc - 0 gr/min, 0 gr/sms, 0 gr/MMS, pakiet danych: 1GB/mies (potem 0 zł/MB), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS miedzyn, 3 zl/MMS miedzyn
Poland Szablon Prepaid - 29 gr/min, 20 gr/sms, 30 gr/MMS, 1,2 zl/MB, brak pakietu minut/SMS, 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS miedzyn, 3 zl/MMS miedzyn
Poland Szablon Prepaid - 29 gr/min, 20 gr/sms, 30 gr/MMS, pakiet danych: 100MB/mies (10 zl/mc, potem 1,2 zl/MB), brak pakietu minut/SMS, 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS miedzyn, 3 zl/MMS miedzyn
Poland Szablon Prepaid - do 29zł/mc rozmowy kom/stacj., do 9zł/mc SMS/MMS, do 5zł/mc internet (25 MB), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS międzyn., 3 zl/MMS międzyn.
Poland Szablon Prepaid - do 29zł/mc rozmowy kom/stacj., do 9zł/mc SMS/MMS, pakiet danych: 100MB/mies (5 zl/mc, potem 5 zł za 25 MB, potem 0 zł), 2 zl/min miedzyn, 50 gr/SMS międzyn., 3 zl/MMS międzyn.
Poland T-Mobile 250min 1/1/2 250mb 39.90 zł
Poland T-Mobile 500-minut +Rodzina 60
Poland T-Mobile 720/1GB
Poland T-Mobile JUMP Relax
Poland T-Mobile RODZINA 040
Poland T-Mobile Rodzina 40
Poland T-Mobile Rodzina 60
Poland T-Mobile Verbeserte Regelsätze für .pl
Poland T-Mobile jump-1GB
Poland T-Mobile (ERA) RODZINA 80 +
Poland T-mobile 300/1GB
Poland T-mobile Taryfa 2 5GB
Poland T-mobile karta 3w1
Poland Virgin #freemium
Poland Virgin #freenium
Poland Virgin Mobile #freemium
Poland all Plan numeracji w Polsce
Poland play Formuła S 100 minut
Portugal MEO al net unlimited 15
Portugal NOS Todos
Portugal Optimus Liga
Portugal Vodafone Best Base Total
Portugal Vodafone Red Top
Portugal Vodafone mdn
Portugal Vodafone plano Estado
Russia Belline All for 600 afterpaid
Russia MTS Q
Russia MTS Smart Komi
Russia MTS Smart (Свердловская область)
Russia MTS Moskva Smart+
Russia Megafon CorporateUnlimitedL
Russia Megafon Corporate L100
Russia Megafon Unlimited Corporate L1500+
Russia Megafon Vse vklucheno M
Russia Megafon Za tri kopeiki
Russia Megafon Все включено М 2016
Russia Megafon use vklucheno s
Russia Tele2 Prosche prostogo + internet-svoboda
Russia mts super MTS 2012
Serbia MTS Miks M
Serbia MTS MixNet L
Serbia MTS MixNet S
Serbia MTS Mix 750
Serbia MTS Mixnet M
Serbia MTS Omorika 1
Serbia MTS SRB Prva Droid
Serbia TELEKOM Srbija MixNetL
Serbia VIP Smart 1200 + bonus 600
Singapore Mostly Basic
Singapore SingTel Prepaid
Slovakia Common Dual SIM: Edit SIM IDs after importing
Slovakia Orange Sova 10 + unlimited SMS/MMS + 2000 MB
Slovakia Orange Sova 5 + 70 SMS/MMS + 2000 MB
Slovakia Telekom Easy Free ( Show monthly statistics)
Slovakia Telekom Happy XL
Slovakia Telekom Happy xs, exclude 3 numbers
Slovakia Telekom Podla seba 3 (free off peak & 40 minutes)
Slovakia Telekom Relax 200
Slovakia Telekom easy free
Slovakia Tesko mobile TRI100
Slovakia o2 fér - 0.13 voice, 0.06 sms, 6€ 500 MB data
Slovakia o2 fér 100 min free
Slovenia Debitel EnotniD 200
Slovenia Telekom slovenije (Mobitel) Paket 2014
South Africa Telkom Smart Plan 50
South Africa Telkom Mobile Smart Internet 1 GB
South Africa Vodacom 120 Every Day 500 MB
South Africa Vodacom Smart S
South Africa Vodacom Smart S + 500 MB
South Africa Vodacom uChoose Flexi 120
Spain @mena 6,95
Spain AIRIS mobile Cero Centimos
Spain Cablemovil 300+300
Spain Carrefour Redonda 25
Spain Eroski Conect@
Spain Euskaltel Tarifa Family
Spain ION mobile Tarifa SOTA
Spain Jazztel Linea Adicional 300
Spain Masmóvil Minúscula
Spain Masmóvil Minúscula
Spain Movistar Fusió
Spain Movistar Fusión
Spain Mundo R 400 min / 1G
Spain ONO 100
Spain ONO Tarifa 200
Spain Ono 1000
Spain Ono 500
Spain Orange Ballena 22
Spain Orange Canguro Pro Ahorro
Spain Orange Delfin 20
Spain Orange Habla y Navega 19
Spain Orange delfín 30
Spain Pepephone Lobo feroz y oveja negra (21% IVA)
Spain Pepephone Navega y habla 1,6 GB
Spain R.l Ono 500/1Gb simple
Spain Simyo - Tarifa 5 céntimos
Spain Simyo 555Mb
Spain Simyo Prepago 300MB + 30Min
Spain Simyo sin cuotas/prepago
Spain Simyo tarifa 5
Spain Vodafone Base 2 sin compromiso
Spain Vodafone Base voz 7 euros
Spain Vodafone ES @M+
Spain Vodafone @L
Spain Vodafone @M
Spain Vodafone Pro @S
Spain Vodafone Red Corporativa J.A.
Spain Vodafone @S
Spain Vodafone Tarifa S
Spain Vodafone @XS: 150min+150Mb
Spain Vodafone @a clásica
Spain Vodafone comunidad2
Spain Yoigo La del 2
Spain jazztel jazzcard
Spain movistar fusion
Spain ono 200
Sri Lanka Dialog 350 Package + Unlimited Data Package Small
Sweden Tele2 Snackis surf
Sweden Tele2 Volym Låg Student
Sweden Universal Prat 18 Obegränsad surf
Switzerland Sunrise Flex 40
Turkey Vodafone Cep Avantaj Mini
Turkey Vodafone Red classic
UAE ETISALAT merge flexi
Ukraine Kyivstar Comfort 100
Ukraine MTS Energy
Ukraine MTS Max Energy
Ukraine MTS Super bez PZS 0-50 (Kontrakt, s uchetom PensFond)
United Kingdom Ovivo Freedom + 50 for Loyal Customer
United Kingdom T-Mobile UK SIM10
United Kingdom Tesco Mobile
United Kingdom Three One plan
United Kingdom Three Pay As You Go
United Kingdom Vectone £1 pcm 30/30/30
United Kingdom Vodafone 100 mins 500 MB
United Kingdom Vodafone Sim
United States Callcentric US VoIP (use with number groups)
United States Cellular 1000 minutes with unlimited incoming calls plus ultimited nights and weekends, unlimited sms/mms & 2 GB of data
United States Cingular monthly
United States Platinum Tel PayGo
United States cricket wireless unlimited talk and text
United States textfree pinger
Uruguay Antel Convenio SL 250
Uruguay Antel Vera 630 SL
Uruguay Antel super plan 520
Uruguay Antel super plan 750
Venezuela Digitel Súper pegado 50 con navega full 250 mb
Venezuela Digitel Super Pegado 100 + Navega Full 100MB
Venezuela Movilnet Naranja 500 + Rapi Datos
Venezuela Movilnet Naranja 500 + Super Datos (2.048 Mb)
Venezuela Movilnet Plan Naranja 250 / Super Datos
Venezuela Movilnet Plan Naranja 250 y Rapid Datos
Venezuela Movistar Full 2.0
Zambia MTN Mobile Anytime Prepaid